Friday, September 21, 2012

my life is a gym.

Dear Reader,

I have three favorite places in this world: 1) the temple, 2) the women's bathroom at Olive Garden, and 3) the gym after 6 p.m. This morning, in lieu of my first class being cancelled, I felt the uncommon desire to head on up to the fieldhouse. I learned a very valuable lesson. The gym at 7 a.m.= (for lack of a better term) Fiery Hell Demon.

My journey began when my morning alarm of Chamillionaire went off at 6:25. I consider myself a morning person, so the waking-up part was easy. About halfway up the big hill, I started regretting my decision to run into the blistering winds of Logan before the sun had any chance to warm me up.

I started with pumping some iron. 6 p.m. gym Sam: 12-15 lb weights for 15 minutes. 7 a.m. gym Sam: 10 lb weights during a commercial break of Good Morning America. I moved on to abs. 6 p.m. gym Sam: a 15- minute mixed ab routine. 7 a.m. gym Sam: 30 sit ups then falling half asleep on the mat. I then stretched my right leg for a good 8 minutes....then my left for another 8 minutes. Needless to say, I was feeling limber. Limber and Lazy. The entire time I was on said sleeping mat, a depressed Asian girl stood in the corner and stared at a pipe. Stuff of nightmares. I finished with my run, the usual highlight of my workout. 6 p.m. gym Sam: 3-4 miles on the treadmill while blasting muh Destiny's Child. 7 a.m. gym Sam: two laps around the indoor track, then straight out the door to run the rest of the way home. A total of approximately 3/4 of a mile. Very impressive 7 a.m. gym Sam. Very impressive.

I will say this though, I did feel really refreshed when I got home. That is, until I laid down and realized I could have just been doing that the entire time. Big dumb idiot. I have a new admiration for people who can hit the gym religiously at that time every day. Also, USU ladies, the fieldhouse at 7 a.m.= extremely attractive fellas. Let that be your inspiration to obtaining your physical fitness goals.

I, for one, aspire to look like this man. ---->

As always,
The Swampan

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