Friday, June 3, 2011

a filthy affair.

Dear Reader,
There are certain modern trends that boggle my mind. This is one such trend-

Why is it that almost every senior picture and engagement photo I have recently looked at has a disgusting background? It's as if people are locating the dirtiest places they can possibly find and using them to create an "artsy" atmosphere. Anyone else find this kind of, I dunno, gross? I've seen at least 10 wedding announcements where the couple is dramatically posing in a dusty, rundown, asbestos-filled building. Do you think they comprehend the amount of spores that were inhaled into their lungs during that auspicious occasion? Dear couple, enjoy dealing with Mesothelioma as you flip through your memory album.

Call me skeptical, but I just don't understand the artistic nature of grime. Perhaps people are in the mindset that if whats behind them is absolutely revolting, he/she/they will appear more clean and put together. I'll bet that in two years tops, people will start taking their engagement pictures in sewers and dumps. "Well gee sweetheart, this place looks filthy and stenchy.....It's perfect! Let's lay in moldy cabbage and used diapers to get that 'we're so super in love'  effect!" I'm sorry, unless Oscar the Grouch and that creepy hoarder lady from "The Labyrinth" have decided to tie the knot, this isn't appealing.

<--Insert well-dressed couple

What ever happened to lovely nature shots and classy vehicles? Art galleries and ice cream parlors? Book stores and coffee shops? Class has gone down the toilet. Literally. Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised to receive a senior picture taken in a Taco Time men's room. Reader, join me in my endeavor to stop these "trashy" photos from being taken. Stop taking your pictures by muddy swamps, rusty cars, and old fiberglass factories. Together we can save the precious art of photography.