Friday, March 11, 2011

i'll have a combo #8, hold the tomato.

Dear Reader,
I would first like to acknowledge that it is 311 day. My recommendation for celebration? Do yourself a solid and listen to the entire Evolver album before the day is gone. Also, sporadically break into air guitar solos and eat some peanuts.
Ya know what's been on my mind? Combos. Mixtures of various things that go together in perfect harmony. I'm not merely speaking of 12 hit combos in Street Fighter or the Combo #4 at Del Taco (Although two chicken tacos AND fries? Brilliant). The combos of which I speak include
a food, a musical artist, and a random activity. And let me tell you something Reader, I have mastered the art of mixing the three. I'm about to share with you some of my most treasured combos, guaranteed to bring you a silly sense of satisfaction.

Cat Stevens and Sunny D for road trips
I consider this the American way. Mr. Stevens introduced us to a new kind of peace, while Sunny D gave us 3% juice and an obnoxious orangutan. Put the two together on a road trip across our great nation and you have the ultimate high.

Weezer, Tapioca pudding, and blogging (my current combo)
I woke up today alone in my apartment and needed a fix. My ultimate comfort food, Tapioca, was greatly needed. I ate it in silence til I realized I was craving some tunes. Now tell me, is there any happier music than Weezer? I then felt the itch to type up my sarcastic immature thoughts and publish them on the Internet. I'm a teenage girl, sue me.

Frank Sinatra and Martinelli's Sparkling Cider with a classic novel.
Fairly predictable, but lovely nonetheless. For me, Frank has a way of magnifying my most inner thoughts. He's enhanced the mood, both good and bad, of every boy drama I've ever experienced. So pair that with fake champagne and a distracting story of someone else's pathetic life and you've got comfort my friend.

Simon and Garfunkle and Cafe Rio, while laying out in the sun
S and G are my number one musical artists of all time. Cafe Rio is my number one food of all time. Laying out in the sun is my number one sanctuary of all time. Seeing how truly genius this combo is? I think S-mizzle and G-funk present an almost too mild form of power. But pair it with spicy tomatillo dressing and you'll find a melodic balance that's sure to make the most brain-racking day seem like a Doris Day film.

Listening to the Beatles, eating spaghetti, and spending time with your closest friends
The Beatles not only introduced a new generation of music, they taught us that all we need is love. When I'm with my best friends or siblings, I agree whole-heartedly with that statement. There exists a universal love for the Beatles, so when played in the background of even a casual conversation, a connection can be felt. And as for the spaghetti, it just sounds really really good right now.

So Reader, I encourage you to come up with some random combos for yourself. You will be surprised how entertaining life is when you take the time to do so. But before you go doing anything stupid, let me just remind you that Phil Collins goes well with nothing. Nothing.