Sunday, May 13, 2012

julie z. nash reeves: a woman, a legend.

Dear Reader,
        In case you didn't notice the abundance of flowers, cheesy cards, and Glenn Close films at your local Walmart, today is Mother's Day. I sincerely wish I had my collection of one-eyed baby dolls to thank me for everything I ever did for them (feeding them old Chinese food and giving them "make-overs"). I'd say I made a pretty good provider.

        I would like to dedicate my post today to my mother, Julie "Zapple" Nash Reeves. For those of you who don't know her, let me fill you in on this amazing woman:
       She is without a doubt the most selfless person I have ever met. When I was five, my family took a 19 day trip to all the big cities in the east coast. Refusing to walk like a human being, my mother carried me around on her well-equipped fanny pack for the entire trip. She is always willing to give me her coat when I forget mine (which I have never done, right mom?). And she always slips me some of her food at restaurants when I order something far too advanced for my taste buds (aka, anything besides the child's macaroni and cheese).
       She is BEAUTIFUL. When Star Wars came out, everyone told her she looked just like Princess Leia. (although, she's aged significantly better than Carrie Fisher). She has an incredibly friendly smile that she shares with everyone, and I have always wished that I looked more like her.
       She is insanely talented. Along with being an unbelievable pianist and composer, she managed to transform this girl:
into this girl:
....who is secretly this girl:

         She has incredible taste in music. Not only will she and I pretend to conduct one of Mozart's symphonies while sitting in front of the stereo, she loves rocking out to the Doors, CCR, the Beatles, Boston, and has even admitted that she likes rap (she claims it's because she likes the beat, but we all know it's for those "inspiring" lyrics).
         She is tough as nails. Seriously. I would love to see a fight between her and Carl Weathers.
         She loves to dance in the kitchen when she's cooking. I absolutely love this about her. Many a time have we "mashed-potato'd" while mashing potatoes.
         She is the epitome of an optimist. I've never once heard her complain. Even after two painful, unsuccessful inner-ear surgeries, she was still laughing.
         She is a true California girl. Ya know, the kind that the Beach Boys would sing about.
         I heard she has a super big crush on Shawn Reeves.......
And now, a note to my mama:
Mom, you really are my best friend. I have gone through a lot of unexpected trials over this past year, and you have been right by my side. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I've loved every adventure we have had together (camping trips, education week, 2 am chocolate chip pancake nights, road trip to California, etc.). As much as I love living in Logan, I miss being able to play with you everyday. I look forward to our fun times in the future (which will obviously include tapioca). I am so lucky to have been born to such an incredible mother. I love you!!!

p.s. I really do think you are the "funny one" in the family :)

I feel like this picture really sums up our relationship....
Love always,
      The Swampman

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  1. Oh, I love you for this (minus the last picture, of course). Thanks for being the best and most fun, interesting and charming Samantha on the planet. I do love you dearly! Mom