Sunday, January 9, 2011

vampire weekend.

Dear Reader,
I made a delightful discovery yesterday whilst browsing the charming strip that is Main Street in Logan. It would seem Books of Yesterday has an edited movie section. I felt like the angels were singing and Phil Collins no longer existed. Thus, overjoyed. This finally gives me the opportunity to watch so many of those iconic American films I've always wanted to see, without the extra "stuff" in it that I don't particularly appreciate. So with the help of my dearest friend, Emily Landeen, the saga of constant renting began.

Number one on my list has always been "The Lost Boys." Classic 80's Vamp pic. A little on the cheesy side, but kept me completely entertained. My one beef is that Corey Feldman felt some strange desire to speak in a noticeably fake lower voice. Really Corey? We all saw The Goonies, you're screechy.

Next flick was "Interview with the Vampire." It's depressing when the comic relief in a movie is when a young Keirsten Dunst sucks the life out of her piano teacher. Very traditional vampire themes though. Just a little too dark for my taste. It did however bring to my attention that Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series is 1,000+ pages of pure plagiarism. I could go into more detail, but then I'd have to think about Robert Pattinson's constipated glare, and that's not a pleasant sight for anyone.

So Reader, my mini vampire weekend was a success. I ended the night with good ole "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" to avoid blood-sucking nightmares. Vamp flick? No. Unbelievably off the chain? Yes.

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  1. Um can I ditto basically everything you just said?? First of all I was at this Vampire Weekend so it basically rocks my world! 80s movies will always be the best (extra example: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun). Second of all can I just slightly mention the crazy stuff of Interview with a vampire? It was seriously sicky but kinda fun in it's own cultural way! I believe the edited R-rated movie double feature should be repeated.
    PS lastly I want to ditto the Stephanie Meyer stole everything!
    1. Eating animals is surviving not living
    2. Turning people who have deathlike sicknesses
    3. Newborns. Need I say more?