Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i'm a belieber.

Dear Reader,
My thoughts today are short and sweet. Deal with it. After a year of resentment it's finally happened: I've got Bieber Fever...and I've got it bad. It started with constantly listening to him during freeze dance with the kids at work. They all love him. The girls, the boys, the punks, the quiet ones, and even my co-workers. So I downloaded a little, and listened to it a lot. Then "Never Say Never" was Redboxed and loved. Oh how it was loved. Girlish screams were heard throughout the room, and to my shock, they were mine. Do I feel slightly creepy? You could say that. I'm definitely past my pre-teen days of obsessing over celebs. But I'm confident in my decision to become a raving fan.
Here's my reasoning:
- Boys got some sweet hair.
- He plays the drums like a boss.
- His falsetto is like butter.
- He tries his best to dougie. And although it's a pathetic attempt, I respect his diligent efforts.
- Chris Brown is getting less and less appealing. It's time for me to move on. 
- He sang with Boyz 2 Men. Nuff said.
- His last name is ridiculously fun to say.

So Reader, obviously I am fully justified. Or, go with me here, "Justinfied"! I could go on for hours about my new love, but sadly I must go glue rhinestone hearts on literally everything I own. Do yourself a favor and just indulge in the Biebs. You know you secretly want to.

Til next time,
The Swampman

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