Thursday, April 7, 2011

cabin fever.

Dear Reader,
While training for my half-marathon this week, I twisted my knee on a 3-mile recovery run. It's painful to walk on, but what's more painful is the fact that I can't be running. Running has been my release the past few months; the only thing keeping me going. After long days of dealing with difficult roommates, challenging school work, time-consuming art projects, being in charge of 20+ little kids, and the typical boy drama, running seems to clear away all of my anxieties. So as you can tell, I'm a little depressed to say the least. But my hopes are high that the problem will fix itself after a few weeks of resting, Ibuprofen, and ice packs. I don't mean to use my blog as an outlet for my venting, and I am certainly not looking for pity of any kind. I am simply trying to learn what I need to be taught from this trial. And by George, I think I've got it!

Have you ever noticed that the less you move around, and the more isolated you become, the more you think? Well, thanks to my injury and Spring break for the elementary school, I've confined myself to my bedroom these last few days. Let's just say I've managed to do my fair share of thinking. I believe that's something I've been seriously missing from my life. Time where I do nothing and just ponder. So thanks faulty knee cap :)

I started with a typical self-evaluation. From this I gathered that I'm pretty much the most fantastic person ever. Jk. In all seriousness though, I rock. I eat all my vegetables, and floss every day. I'm by no means perfect, but who can safely say they are? I like to think I've overcome quite a bit, but it seems small in comparison to what others have had to deal with. I've never lived in poverty, been physically, sexually, or verbally abused, lost a parent, fought cancer, had a miscarriage, dealt with mental illness, felt completely lonely, or truly had a broken heart. But I've handled the cards I've been dealt, and I've been blessed to learn so many great lessons along the way. I'm especially grateful for the people who have made fun of me, gossiped about me, lied to me, cheated on me, and purposely done things to make me feel bad. Because it's from them that I've learned that the opinions and actions of others don't have to affect me. No one can tell me who I am or how I should feel. I love myself, and God loves me. That has become my most treasured knowledge. And like I said, I rock. Don't let my complete sense of sarcasm fool you though. Despite my toughening up, deep down I'm still a peep. A soft, sugary, somewhat pink-tinted marshmallow.

Here are some other thoughts I've had throughout this week:
-I'm passive on the subject of Justin Bieber
-It would sincerely hurt to have an elephant step on your hand
-Danny Devito would make an awesome books-on-tape reader
-If money grew on trees, wouldn't it get all brown and crunchy in the fall?
-Amish people are legit
-Tums would make excellent Halloween hand-out candy
-CCR is the raddest band of all time
-Cement blocks are ridiculously hard to draw
-The feeling of almost-dry towels makes me cringe
-I really love being single
-Holey socks and granny panties are the worst
-"Sister Act" is sincerely an American classic
-The chicken came first
-The flat top hairstyle needs to make a furious comeback
-I really miss Taco Amigo
-What would hurt worse: getting struck by 10 lightning bolts, or eating a porcupine?
-Jan Hawke is my hero
-'Knuckle' is a funny word
-Whoever invented sports bras earned a straight ticket to heaven
-Is there anything worse than sour cream and onion pringles breath? Oh wait, holey socks and granny panties
...and the list could continue for days

It's truly satisfying to slow down my pace and really think. Whether they've been sane or not, my thoughts have kept me entertained. And I may have LOL'd a time or two. It's hasn't been easy to stay positive, but I feel like that's the most important thing I can do at this point. I leave you with this thought brought to you by my good friends, The Beatles.
“...tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.”
Let's have that be our goal this week Reader.
Til next time,
The Swampman


  1. Dear Sammi,
    You are so wrong, the flat top was a mistake. And I promise next week the kids will cheer you up and drive you as crazy as always. Also, that is a cute kitty.
    Love Tatie

  2. The chicken did not come first... nor did the egg. It was the Asian Junglefowl. Tell your friends.

  3. I need a helmet like that one.

    Life is hard sometimes, but you can do hard things! Next time you're down here Lance & I will do something so awesome for you that you will be happy for 02984096510960198472 years. Promise. :)